12th - 13th June 2019
InterContinental Berlin, Germany

Key Themes of Discussion in 2019

As the enterprise world becomes increasingly mobile-first and digitally transformed, your mobile and digital workplace strategy will define the success of your organisation in the immediate future and beyond. The following core themes of discussion will be addressed at this year’s Exchange, enabling you to enhance business performance across your organisation.

Mobile Management

Enterprises are looking for secure and scalable ways to roll out BYOD, CYOD,and COPE mobility models. The evolution of mobile management from device-centric solutions, such as MDM, to complete solutions, such as EMM and now UEM, has moved the mobility market along in recent years. However, for mobile leaders, the vast ecosystem of proliferating devices and software is becoming increasingly complex.


Any weaknesses in your mobile environment will surely be exploited by malicious third parties or internal human error. End Point Security, Network Security and Mobile Threat Defense for example will therefore be discussed at length during the 2 day Exchange.

Mobile Apps

Developing high quality, functional mobile applications has become a critical success factor for any mobile-first company. Understanding how DevOps can improve processes, how UX can drive app adoption and how app services can improve dev speed and quality is therefore crucial for your enterprise. By combining these themes with the latest trends in mobile engineering and architecture, you will have a complete guide to deploying the best enterprise mobile apps.

Internet of Things

IoT and mobility are inseparable within the enterprise. Creating a fully connected, smart and secure network of end points and platforms is therefore the name of the game for any enterprise looking to blend IT and operational technologies in a future-proof way.

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